Review: Becoming

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I was lucky enough to be at the United Center when Michelle Obama kicked off her book tour and discussed this book and her life. It was an emotional, empowering night I wished had gone longer, but luckily I had this book to continue that discussion.
This book is deeply personal and honest, and follows her life from childhood in a tiny one-bedroom apartment on Chicago’s south side all the way through two terms as First Lady in the White House. She is a brilliant, fierce, competitive, caring, empathetic, dignified, and inspiring. She is a treasure who has touched so many lives and left them better for her being in them.
I loved learning her story and reading her anecdotes and observations about her life, especially in her marriage and life as First Lady. Definitely a must read for anyone who loves the Obamas and misses the compassion, grace and heart in the White House. 5/5 Stars